Evolution and Geological Planet Formation
Eva Nessenius - Biomineralisation  - Sedimentology - Oceanography - Geochemistry - Geobiology

    Living surface of Stromatolites in sea-water: Cyanobacteria are forming biogenic rocks by biomineralisation.


Review 1 by Mike Buchanan, January 7, 2013

"A well thought through, interesting hypothesis

Eva's work is chronologically transparent and accurate; this publication puts
all those known, acknowledged events into a well versed, easy to understand
publication without too much technical jargon. The relationship with Earth's
development and our own makes for great reading and provides a logical
reconstruction of events that occurred from the very beginning of time.
Her parity with the embryonic child and our own cranial development provides
a fresh incite to Mother Earth's evolution. Eva's publication makes one think hard about the actual geological evolutionary time it took for Earth's development."

Mike Buchanan


Review 2 by JL, March 30, 2015

this reinforces the idea that peer reviewing is desirable before publication.
I must admit that some hypotheses are as well founded as the big bang
theory. A lot more data and ideas are still needed in all brachnes
of science. Research has become so specialised and complex that it is difficult to connect the results from each branch to get a global view.
There are too many loos ends. It's already beyond human comprehension.
Artificial intelligence will be needed, the sooner the better. Thanks for the
book, it was an interesting experience.

Greetings  JL


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