Evolution and Geological Planet Formation
  Eva Nessenius
Eva Nessenius - Origin of Life - Planet Formation - Lunar Formation - Moon Formation - Origin of the moon

Eva Nessenius - Earth Formation - Precambrian - Protoplanet - Protoearth - Early Earth - Paleoclimate
I studied Biology, Palaeontology, Geography and Geology at the University of Frankfurt Main, Germany. I was a student of Prof. W.F. Gutmann (Frankfurter Evolutionstheorie). In addition to my profession as Biology and Geography college-teacher I studied the Goethean natural science in Stuttgart. I continued pursing multidisciplinary research about Earth-History, Mineralogy  and  Formation of Planets  at the Max-Planck-Institute of Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg.  
The International Conference "Planet Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems"    in Munich 2012 was a highlight for my further investigations about the formation of the earth.

Astronomers spoke freely about the problems in the attempts to verifiy a planetesimal-theory in laboratory-experiments and computer-simulations. The discovery of water and aerosols in protoplanetary disks allow a paradigm-shift solving the problems. Many experts of earth- and planetary sciences all over the world supported my research work.

In my opinion the origin of life took place much earlier than previously assumed, as the planetesimal-theory has been falsified and the early earth was no hostile magma-ocean but a humid gas giant. The origin of life by abiogenesis and then colonies of extremophile prebiotic microorgansims took place in the protoplanetay disk our solar system evolved from.
The exchange of scientific knowledge should not be hindered by charges for the access to articles or books that need to be bought. I published my work as a book with an ISBN only to protect my discoveries from plagiarsm.

PDF: https://puu.sh/wfkM3.pdf

I am not a creationist.  I am convinced that evolution has been happening from
the very beginning of the universe, ... if there was a beginning. And in case there
was no beginning,  evolution happened too  and will continue.  Probably there are
some more effective factors in evolution than we know today. Darwin himself said
that the laws of nature he found don't explain everything. Meanwhile biologists
have discovered a lot more and there will be further dicoveries in the future.


So even the theories about evolution are evolving. Studies about ethology give evidence that successful cooperation amongst the members of one species as well as amongst the members of different species have positive effects on the survival and further evolution for both. The principle of humanity is most important for the evolution of mankind. 


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