Evolution and Geological Planet Formation
  S. Eva Nessenius



I studied Biology, Palaeontology, Geography and Geology at the University of Frankfurt Main, Germany. After my exams as Biology and Geography college-teacher I studied the Goethean natural science in Stuttgart. In addition to my profession I continued pursing multi-disciplinary research participating in lectures about Mineralogy and Earth-History and about the Formation of Planets at the Max-Planck-Institute of Astronomy  in Heidelberg.  
The International Conference "Planet Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems"  in Munich 2012 was a highlight for my further investigations about the Formation of the Earth. Many experts on this field supported the development of my research results.

In my opinion the exchange of scientific knowledge should not be hindered by charges for the access to articles or books that need to be bought. My work was published as a book with an ISBN only for protection from plagiarism regarding my discoveries. 


Protoplanetary disc  protoplanetary disk  protoplanetary disc  protoplanetary disk 

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